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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is a conservative?

Conservatism means preserving the old against the new. It means preserving the constitution as adopted by our fathers who framed the government under which we live. A conservative longs to restore this government to its original tone. We are the torchbearers for free markets, individual liberty, economic mobility, rule of law, natural rights and prudence in government. These are the very things the American republic was dedicated to at its birth.
A conservative’s notion of equality is about leveling up, not whittling down prosperity and opportunity for all. We think the starting line of life should be opened to all regardless of who your parents were. Conservatives believe in an equal voice for all the governed. We believe in a social and economic environment in which self-improvement and social mobility can operate freely.
Conservatives believe that true equality and freedom is a friend to talent, and the enemy of entitlement. Equality of opportunity is not a guarantee of “fairness” of result; some might succeed where others fail yet, this is no excuse for class complaint or class welfare.
Conservatives do not believe in encouraging citizens to wear economic failure as a badge of honor. Blaming poverty on an unsympathetic capitalist machine is not a novel idea. Many have attempted it in the past. Those who choose to do so now are simply dressing up Marxist failures in today’s garb.
Conservatives believe this county is great because it leaves each man free to acquire property as fast as they can. It is only our system that allows the humblest of men an equal chance to acquire wealth with no limitations but that of their drive and hard work.
Conservatives believe in free choice of labor. We believe in a man’s right to choose his own work, take his own risks, and reap the rewards, will benefit the community along with himself. This prosperous system has served us for generations, and has proven to bring improvement of condition to all. A conservative believes that history has thought us living like a collective ant farm doesn’t bring hope or change but rather a set of personal chains.
Conservatives believe that when people fail to thrive it is not the fault of the system but because of singular misfortune, folly or an independent choice. Conservatives reject the forces of privilege and favoritism and believe that the free market will always correct itself. Some will flourish and others will fall short this is simply the reality of life. Conservatives believe in the promise of self-improvement and in equal liberty. We believe in “Better luck next time” or more accurately we believe “make better luck for yourself next time.” When one starts poor as most do in this race of life, only in a free market society can they be certain of a chance to better their condition.
Conservatives reject the massive federal bureaucracy. We reject the notion of affirmative action, nationalized healthcare and comparable worth. After all, everything the Government touches slows down, loses productivity and wastes money. Conservative ideals alone hold out the best hope of self-improvement and achievement.
These are the only truths proven to ensure that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

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