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What is a conservative?

Conservatism means preserving the old against the new. It means preserving the constitution as adopted by our fathers who framed the government under which we live. A conservative longs to restore this government to its original tone. We are the torchbearers for free markets, individual liberty, economic mobility, rule of law, natural rights and prudence in government. These are the very things the American republic was dedicated to at its birth.
A conservative’s notion of equality is about leveling up, not whittling down prosperity and opportunity for all. We think the starting line of life should be opened to all regardless of who your parents were. Conservatives believe in an equal voice for all the governed. We believe in a social and economic environment in which self-improvement and social mobility can operate freely.
Conservatives believe that true equality and freedom is a friend to talent, and the enemy of entitlement. Equality of opportunity is not a guarantee of “fairness” of result; some might succeed where others fail yet, this is no excuse for class complaint or class welfare.
Conservatives do not believe in encouraging citizens to wear economic failure as a badge of honor. Blaming poverty on an unsympathetic capitalist machine is not a novel idea. Many have attempted it in the past. Those who choose to do so now are simply dressing up Marxist failures in today’s garb.
Conservatives believe this county is great because it leaves each man free to acquire property as fast as they can. It is only our system that allows the humblest of men an equal chance to acquire wealth with no limitations but that of their drive and hard work.
Conservatives believe in free choice of labor. We believe in a man’s right to choose his own work, take his own risks, and reap the rewards, will benefit the community along with himself. This prosperous system has served us for generations, and has proven to bring improvement of condition to all. A conservative believes that history has thought us living like a collective ant farm doesn’t bring hope or change but rather a set of personal chains.
Conservatives believe that when people fail to thrive it is not the fault of the system but because of singular misfortune, folly or an independent choice. Conservatives reject the forces of privilege and favoritism and believe that the free market will always correct itself. Some will flourish and others will fall short this is simply the reality of life. Conservatives believe in the promise of self-improvement and in equal liberty. We believe in “Better luck next time” or more accurately we believe “make better luck for yourself next time.” When one starts poor as most do in this race of life, only in a free market society can they be certain of a chance to better their condition.
Conservatives reject the massive federal bureaucracy. We reject the notion of affirmative action, nationalized healthcare and comparable worth. After all, everything the Government touches slows down, loses productivity and wastes money. Conservative ideals alone hold out the best hope of self-improvement and achievement.
These are the only truths proven to ensure that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

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What is a trillion dollars? Well, it’s too many numerals to fit into my high-end calculator, I tried. It seems clear that what we are witnessing is the final triumph of liberalism. After all, we have U.S. Senators in Washington
literally running around screaming “Don’t just stand there, spend
something.” Incomprehensible sums of money are being allocated with absolutely no purpose. And the real rub comes when you stop to reflect on the fact that the very cross-eyed fools that started this avalanche of economic madness are now discussing how many zeros they can cram on the end of your blank check.
I heard a guy say the other day “It’s like buying life insurance on the Titanic from someone on the Titanic.”

Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel says “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” It’s times like this when you can get stuff done that would be impossible under normal circumstances.”
So within a few days Obama will have spent with one porkuluos bill, the Louisiana purchase, the Marshall plan, the Korean, Vietnam, and Iraq wars, the new deal and every NASA project in history times fifty.

What do the American people get in return?
You might get another one of those 500$ checks in return for a forever deformed relationship between citizen and state and a lifetime of living your life exactly the way they say you can live it.

It is wrong because it is the most massive, irreversible transfer of power from citizen to government this country has ever seen.

Call your senator and tell them to vote no!

Green gone wild

Global warming is killing us but not via carbon emissions or ecological footprints large or small.

Global warming will kill us by way of the decisions we will make concerning what to do about it.

Fury will someday befall the green gone wild, photosynthesis on steroids crowd for bankrupting our way of life. One day within our lifetimes the world will awaken to find that the environmentalist created a ruse in order to achieve alternative economic goals.

“The case is closed!” “The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear!”

Why has this grand Al Goreian epidemic changed its name from “global warming” to the fluid and convenient “Climate change?

When religious people namely evangelicals espouse theology the secularist Calvary are fast on their horses, riding into such ideas as foolish and harmful mysticism. They shamelessly label such thinking as irrational and fanatical.
such a reaction begs the question WHY?

What difference does it make right or wrong if pockets of people believe a questionable religious creed? It does not cost the country a wooden nickel. The nation’s treasury is not touched in any way by so called religious zealots.

On the other hand, we are expected to stand by as the new religion of environmentalism reshapes our entire economy in the name of junk science.

Almost every day there is more and more legitimate scientists who bravely veer their heads in order to refute the hoax of Global warming? Thousands of scientists have placed their heads on the guillotine to warn the sane among us that the science on climate change is as flimsy as a white trash lawn chair.

Do you know how this lie will change your life? Do you know that the mercury spilling from your recently government mandated light bulb will be the least of your problems when the newly appointed climate Czar take his throne.

What has happened to our colleges? What has happened to the criticl thinking amoung us? Al Gore announces case closed on a boogieman-esque, fairytale and the well educated buy it.

The country is going down a primrose path and I feel as though I can do nothing about it.

I wonder if you to know how much more you will be paying for everything from egos to electricity? I wonder if you to know how much this will hurt the economy?

This is an isult to our intelligence.

Americans are a lot of things

We are way too Jesus-y.
We are fat, sad, bitter racists who hang out at the DQ.
We need to stop going to the olive garden and cowing down on bread sticks.
We need to stop sunning ourselves at the NASCAR track.
We need to stop blasting our AC and listening to that awful country music.
We need to stop dressing up and going to our mega churches.
We need to stop starting small businesses.
We need to stop our deer blasting, border patrolling, sky god worshiping.
We need to lay down our boom sticks and bitterness.
We need to stop the pipe dream of self reliance, free market health care and school choice.
We need to give up our dream of a God scream and worship the empty space of a gaseous boil and electron race.
We need to give up on the archaic notion of a monogamist marriage and instead wake up every morning encrusted in a dried cocoon of a strangers DNA, like wise secularists.
We need to stop all that unpleasant Christian procreation.
We need to stop being capitalist caterpillars eating all the precious green away.
We need to stop rolling our eyes at another transgender love affair glorified on the cover of People magazine at the grocery store.
We need to stop buying 44 ounce big gulps on our way to Cabela’s.
We need to realize that the flag we love is in question and the cross we worship is offensive.
We need to understand that the flag pins we wear are little more than a fetish.
We need to realize that a prideful soar of the star spangled banner is nothing more than the grunts of nationalistic caged animals.
We need to learn to love loose government money and high taxes.
We need to learn to swallow socialistic dogma masquerading as thought.
We need to embrace jobless greenies who want to bring back chamber pots and slop jars to save water.
We need to rejoice when our hard earned money funds a free boarding house for Mexico.
We need to ride the wave of free- floating, self induced guilt over being the greatest country on earth.
We need to buy CHE t-shirts and bump our cheeks, kissing the air like cheese eating, surrender-frog, Frenchmen.
We need to all get jobs as community organizers.
We need to all join a 911 conspiracy theory chat room.
We need to accept once and for all that Al Gore is too significant to be questioned.
We need to understand that we are like a big political special Ed class riding on their short little leftist bus.
We need to be managed, coaxed and head shrunk into making the right or might I say left choices.
We need to freely allow ourselves to be tied, twisted and molded into an inflexible and expanding list of correct attitudes.

Then and only then will be able to grab America by the blue lapels and become progressively Polaroid-picture happy!

Falling out of love with liberty

Falling out of love with liberty
By: Brock Lawley

I don’t trust government. I don’t understand people who do. Government creates nothing! Government produces nothing! Government is nothing except perhaps an officially permitted mafia with the power to commit lawful larceny on the first and fifteenth of every month. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an anarchist. I served in the military for six years and was proud and privileged to do so. I love my country. However, my country is not its government but its people coupled with a brilliant and divinely endowed concept of self governance.
These are a few things you need from government, just laws, borders, infrastructure, and a military. These are things most people can’t do for themselves. Everything else “government” claims to do is tyranny. What you need from government is liberty. LIBERTY is freedom, autonomy and self-determination. Liberty is absolutely everything.
Hundreds of years ago if an evil band of bandits wanted to sweep through your ancestor’s village raping and pillaging everything in sight, that is just what that evil band of bandits did. The liberty of those villagers was not high on their list of concerns. Through trial and error men figured out the hard way, that liberty, although divinely entitled isn’t so easy to come by. When the world is left to its evil impulse might always means right.
So jump ahead a few hundred years and this country finally figures it out. Government should give good people guns and tell them to kill bad people! Then government should get the hell of good people’s way. Great idea right? It was a great idea for around two hundred ridiculously prosperous years and then liberty started having to share the bed with a few other governmental bed buddies. Stuff like equality and social justice started nudging old lady liberty aside. It seems Americans are no longer in love with Liberty. Despite the fact that she has been tried, trustworthy and true, we are now tired of her old face. And like any scorned lover she has turned her back to us and is now walking away.
Let’s say you and your father want to build a shed in your backyard this Saturday. Do you need a local zoning board? Do you need to give them 200$ to step onto your property with a useless clipboard? NO! What you need is lumber and nails!
When you hear some hack on TV telling you how you can raise your children. Liberty is leaving. When you hear an empty suit demanding he wants to spend another 40 billion dollars educating your kids to better hate God, country and family. Liberty is gone. When you hear bridges are crumbling and roads are falling to ruin while legislators vote legislative wage increases liberty is dead!
Call me Paul Revere shouting from this computer horse of mine “The liberals are coming the liberals are coming!”

The Declaration of Dependence

By: Brock Lawley

"Democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public Treasury.” “ This is always followed by a dictatorship."

There are basically three types of people in this country. There is the high whose aim is to say high. There is the middle whose aim is to change places with the high. And then there is the low whose aim is to abolish all distinctions creating a society where all are equally impoverished. The low seem more and more willing to stretch out in the warm soak/bath of the modern welfare state. This leaves two groups left to pick up the check, the high and the ever famous middle class.
Both candidates are quick to assure us folks in the middle how wonderful we are and how firmly on our side they stand. And if one thing is clear, for the next four years it should be great to be in the middle-class right? These guys love the heck out of us. And for those of us who vote with our thinking minds instead of our deceived ears it’s not hard to see why?
Despite the mechanical political rhetoric it will be the middle class who becomes the fertile soil for future tax farmers. The middle class (you) pay for 60 percent of all income tax revenues and on both side of us either poor or rich the contributions drop off like the continental shelves.

Politicians my friends are vote farmers. When they sling that B.S. fertilization so lavishly upon you it if for a reason! When they want to cash the check they wrote here too the middle class is the place to go.
It is this honest, hard working, dutiful, rule following, tax paying, military serving, middle class people who also tend to be the biggest political fools.
Try this one for size
United welfare states of America
or perhaps you prefer
The Declaration of Dependence

The rich my friends are not as evil as some have made them out to be in recent years. Chances are someone who is rich is employing you even as you read this non work related email on the clock. The rich own the stores you buy those great Christmas presents from. They make sure the gas is drilled, refined and delivered so you can drive that car another rich guy sold you. The rich heal you when you are sick. They create the drug that you consume to get better. They fly your planes. They build your houses and schools. Oh and the rich also go to law school and run for President.
No matter what you have been told the truth is a free people will never be equal and an equal people will never be free. Until we find ourselves in the utopia that is heaven we must choose. Do we want trickle down prosperity or from the ground up poverty. It is true when they say it is not fair. It is also true that some will have much and some little. However, it is a fact that when you punish the producers among us by taking the fruit of their labor in the name of equality all that will remain is a country of unfruitful men.
The rich will not pay this burden. When their taxes are raised they will simply pass them onto you. When you tax a rich bread maker you will simply pay more for bread. The rich did not get rich by paying more taxes. They will be forced to lay off your friends and your family.
Many have have fanned the flames of class warfare for political power before, and the consistent loser is always the gullible voter.

America is the least racist place on earth

A guy named Osama bin Laden is the leader of the world’s largest terror network Alkada. An evil dictator named Sadamn Hussien was the former leader of the country that now serves as the front in America’s war on terror.
Americans just elected a black man named Barack Hussein Obama. A man who spent his childhood in Kenya and willingly changed his name I might add.

It is safe to say without the slightest doubt or reservation that America is the least xenophobic, least bigoted, colorblind place this side of heaven. Everyone who has ever said otherwise for exploitation, manipulation or political gain should stand up and apologize. (Introduce the world’s liberal stage left.)

Obama’s election strips once and for all every excuse; every ISM the left has attempted to hide behind in the face of rational debate over cultural realities. When well intentioned men point out the fact that blacks still have a 70% illegitimacy rate while attempting to discover the source of inner-city poverty, simply calling them racists will no longer hold water. When good and decent women bring to light the fact that 50% of the prison population is black, calling her a racist will no longer suffice as debate. With Obama’s inauguration America will finally have the chance to shake free from the politically correct speech handcuffs with Houdini style.

A respectful farewell and thank you to President G.W. BUSH

Watching the inauguration of the 44th president was everything I expected. It was soaring rather than programmatic, inspirational rather than concrete. One can make a very good argument however, that an inauguration speech should be just such a thing, full of basic idealism and visionary expression. To be honest I was impressed once again with the new president’s rhetorical skill and if I don’t comb his speech with a fine tooth political comb it was quite good. The whole experience was history in the making and would have been quite enjoyable if not for having to witness the repulsive booing of the outgoing President. It was a demonstration of classlessness that should embarrass every American, and was a new low even for the lowest common denominator among us.

The hatred of George Walker Bush will be seen by future generations as perhaps the riddle of the century. How sad that for many citizens it is impossible to step away from the flame-thrower hatred that presently passes for civil discourse and look objectively upon the man.

If an alien were to appear in all his sci-fi glory he would scratch his little green head in wonder at the disgust for Bush. Yes I meant exactly what I said!
He might wonder if they hate him for PEPFAR and the millions he spent fighting Aids in Africa? Was it his unprecedented spending on education, three times the amount of any of his predecessors? Perhaps it was his quintupling of federal funds for bilingual education, or his creation of a new drug entitlement program? Was it that he became a big pushover for the ever-swelling ranks of the illegal/ undocumented American community? After all, are not all of the above mentioned liberal goals? Are these not the very things the left wishes to accomplish by wielding the long blade of bigger government?

Bush of course is not a conservative, so that can’t possibly be the reason for his political crucifixion. Even a first year political science major knows that no definition of a conservative, however broad, can possibly be reconciled with the list of liberal policies cited above. As George W Bush leaves office one must ask if he will be exiting stage left or right.
So if it’s not his conservative politics what accounts for the revulsion and media massacre what is it? Bush after all, is basically a less articulate Tony Blair with a ranch.

Was it the cowboy boots and the swagger that so grated on the east coast media? Was it that he failed to worship at the feet of academia? Perhaps it was the wanted-dead-or-alive stuff although it is this man’s opinion that the country is not well served by having a dainty rose in the white house. Was it the “Bush lied people died nonsense?” It is strange that the activists who most assiduously promoted that factious line now have to adjust to the news that their own beloved anti-war candidate’s commitment to bring the troops home within 16 months has been revised into a plan that increases troops until 2011.

The truth is GW is who he is and he never pretended to be anything but. In some real ways I miss him already. He spoke a language of straightforwardness that is all but extinct today. Do you know how rare that it? If you don’t, you will after six short months of Obama’s enigmatic cool. It is true that he was rough around the edges but in the timeless ways he got it right. The man has unprecedented character, a void that badly needed filled after Clinton left office. Bush showed fortitude and steadfastness in a time when most of Washington sticks a wet finger in the political wind. Thanks to Bush no longer will we think tyranny is benign because it is temporarily inconvenient. Bush understood that tyranny is never benign to its victims. In Iraq, where Saddam’s goons shoveled children into mass graves, and in Afghanistan, where women were prevented by law from feeling sunlight on their faces, 50 million Muslims live better lives because of George W. Bush. Anyone who says differently has never been there and is boldly lying to you. I assure you there is nothing as painful as na├»ve criticism from a bunch of cheap seat, Muppet babies who would soil their pants at the sight of the Middle East truth.

In the weeks before and after the attacks Bush had the highest approval ratings of any president in history. He could have played it safe, many before him did just that. He had nothing to gain by risking everything and that alone should convince a reasoned person of his intentions. Yet, despite the Oprahfied chants of mechanical pacifism and the lifeless language of emotional narcissism that pours from every foolish media faucet true evil veered it’s ugly head on 9/11. Bush saw this and when he saw evil he acted. In the face of a western self loathing psychosis we can no longer afford Bush persisted. He fought a long existential struggle against America’s enemies in an academic culture that foolishly teaches its children that there are no enemies. He gambled all when the countries red states where clearly purpling to blue. He pressed on even when a tone-deaf media treasonously painted the war like a bad reality television show we should all bore with. With sheer force of will he stuck it out and he did so with a farsightedness that contradicts his bumper sticker image.

A man once said “honor is like and island, rugged and without a beach; once we have left it, we can never return.” It was a bleaker and lonelier island than Bush could have ever expected, but he never left it and for that I have deep respect for him.
When and where Bush will get the credit he is rightly due I do not know. It will surly not be in the latest printing of our history books. However, I am certain in our lifetime History will certainly make the case for Bush better than Bush himself did.


“The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.” -- G.K. Chesterton
Wars are not won my friends by being defensive. Yet conservatives are seldom anything but, because they’ve been trained to mistake defense for offense. We will continue losing precious ground unless we change our thinking radically.
When 13 states voted to ban artificial marriage in 2004, most of us hailed it a great triumph. However this is only a victory if victory is defined as maintenance of a liberal status quo, for it was a successful defensive action, not an offensive one. After all it was progressives that proposed the dreadful societal change to which the vote was a defensive response?
We are always on the defense. Instead of fighting to eliminate ridiculous hate-crime laws, we accept the premises by arguing whether something like “transgender” should be a protected category. Instead of replacing a useless Federal Department of Education we use it to enact (No Child Left Behind.) Instead of fighting the lies and misrepresentation surrounding what we know as the separation of church and state ruling, we back peddle and hope it can be applied in “conservative” ways.
When our idea of combating the tax-and-spend liberals is to not tax but then spending an unprecedented $3 trillion on liberal social programs we are on defense. When we protest against illegal immigration and then nominate a culture-rending amnesty candidate we are on defense. When we stand idly by as they strip our public square of historically present Christian symbols picking us dry like a Thanksgiving Day turkey we are on defense.
In contrast, the left is steadfastly offensive. If their schemes to legally redefine marriage fail today, they’ll try again tomorrow knowing we will buckle. If their Governmental medicine plan doesn’t pass this month, it will reappear a year later knowing that we will buckle. If a new tax fails to pass today they’ll wait for a more gluttonous congressional appetite. Or they’ll sneak a different tax into a badly needed war finance bill or accept a slight increase to an old tax. Such waves of governmental growth pound the shores of our society because “conservatives” always give up ground and they know it!
We might ask: With conservatives like today’s Republicans, who needs liberals?
The media’s portrayal of today’s crop of republicans as conservatives is strategic and harmful. The difference between image and reality is profound. Liberals know that the best way to ensure constant movement toward the left is to portray the status quo as dangerously far right. We continuously hear from the left wing A.K.A. our media that America is under the sway of rightist politics. They purposefully confuse Republican with conservative, party with principles, and electoral wars with cultural ones.
True conservatives must wake up and stop confusing this media constructed definition of conservative as correct.
When is the right not right, you ask? When it has been defined by the left!
A true conservative ideology is one of limited government – one remaining within the boundaries established by the Constitution – and low taxation. It favors nationalism over internationalism; prefer markets mostly unfettered by regulation; steers clear of false agenda filled claim of multiculturalism, feminism and radical environmentalism; and take pride in our history and traditions.
This brings us to another important point. We love to talk of compromise. But does compromising with those who always advance but never retreat constitute fairness? The problem is that since virtually all the changes suggested are liberal in nature, constant compromise guarantees constant movement toward the left. The proof of this is all around you. Previously secure cultural territory is now under attack. Meanwhile we revel in victory when we fend off a few of the enemy's charges. We are compromising our way to liberal tyranny.
It is time we woke up to the fact that this society has long been in the grip of dedicated liberal operatives in academia, the media and Hollywood, leftists who have been crafting their message, scheming, indoctrinating, and socially re-engineering the public for decades. With the political spectrum having shifted so far left, perhaps people such as Bush and McCain really are today’s conservatives.
I guess that makes me something else. I’m a revolutionary.
I don’t want to preserve the status quo, I want to overthrow it. I want to pull the liberal weeds up by the roots and burn them in freedom’s fire, just like our Founding Fathers did. Today’s Conservatives don’t start revolutions; they simply make sure their liberal shackles are made no heavier. Political victory rests on cultural victory, and changing the culture starts with changing our mentality. We have only two choices: We can be revolutionary or we can cease to exist.


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