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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Declaration of Dependence

By: Brock Lawley

"Democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public Treasury.” “ This is always followed by a dictatorship."

There are basically three types of people in this country. There is the high whose aim is to say high. There is the middle whose aim is to change places with the high. And then there is the low whose aim is to abolish all distinctions creating a society where all are equally impoverished. The low seem more and more willing to stretch out in the warm soak/bath of the modern welfare state. This leaves two groups left to pick up the check, the high and the ever famous middle class.
Both candidates are quick to assure us folks in the middle how wonderful we are and how firmly on our side they stand. And if one thing is clear, for the next four years it should be great to be in the middle-class right? These guys love the heck out of us. And for those of us who vote with our thinking minds instead of our deceived ears it’s not hard to see why?
Despite the mechanical political rhetoric it will be the middle class who becomes the fertile soil for future tax farmers. The middle class (you) pay for 60 percent of all income tax revenues and on both side of us either poor or rich the contributions drop off like the continental shelves.

Politicians my friends are vote farmers. When they sling that B.S. fertilization so lavishly upon you it if for a reason! When they want to cash the check they wrote here too the middle class is the place to go.
It is this honest, hard working, dutiful, rule following, tax paying, military serving, middle class people who also tend to be the biggest political fools.
Try this one for size
United welfare states of America
or perhaps you prefer
The Declaration of Dependence

The rich my friends are not as evil as some have made them out to be in recent years. Chances are someone who is rich is employing you even as you read this non work related email on the clock. The rich own the stores you buy those great Christmas presents from. They make sure the gas is drilled, refined and delivered so you can drive that car another rich guy sold you. The rich heal you when you are sick. They create the drug that you consume to get better. They fly your planes. They build your houses and schools. Oh and the rich also go to law school and run for President.
No matter what you have been told the truth is a free people will never be equal and an equal people will never be free. Until we find ourselves in the utopia that is heaven we must choose. Do we want trickle down prosperity or from the ground up poverty. It is true when they say it is not fair. It is also true that some will have much and some little. However, it is a fact that when you punish the producers among us by taking the fruit of their labor in the name of equality all that will remain is a country of unfruitful men.
The rich will not pay this burden. When their taxes are raised they will simply pass them onto you. When you tax a rich bread maker you will simply pay more for bread. The rich did not get rich by paying more taxes. They will be forced to lay off your friends and your family.
Many have have fanned the flames of class warfare for political power before, and the consistent loser is always the gullible voter.

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