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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Green gone wild

Global warming is killing us but not via carbon emissions or ecological footprints large or small.

Global warming will kill us by way of the decisions we will make concerning what to do about it.

Fury will someday befall the green gone wild, photosynthesis on steroids crowd for bankrupting our way of life. One day within our lifetimes the world will awaken to find that the environmentalist created a ruse in order to achieve alternative economic goals.

“The case is closed!” “The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear!”

Why has this grand Al Goreian epidemic changed its name from “global warming” to the fluid and convenient “Climate change?

When religious people namely evangelicals espouse theology the secularist Calvary are fast on their horses, riding into such ideas as foolish and harmful mysticism. They shamelessly label such thinking as irrational and fanatical.
such a reaction begs the question WHY?

What difference does it make right or wrong if pockets of people believe a questionable religious creed? It does not cost the country a wooden nickel. The nation’s treasury is not touched in any way by so called religious zealots.

On the other hand, we are expected to stand by as the new religion of environmentalism reshapes our entire economy in the name of junk science.

Almost every day there is more and more legitimate scientists who bravely veer their heads in order to refute the hoax of Global warming? Thousands of scientists have placed their heads on the guillotine to warn the sane among us that the science on climate change is as flimsy as a white trash lawn chair.

Do you know how this lie will change your life? Do you know that the mercury spilling from your recently government mandated light bulb will be the least of your problems when the newly appointed climate Czar take his throne.

What has happened to our colleges? What has happened to the criticl thinking amoung us? Al Gore announces case closed on a boogieman-esque, fairytale and the well educated buy it.

The country is going down a primrose path and I feel as though I can do nothing about it.

I wonder if you to know how much more you will be paying for everything from egos to electricity? I wonder if you to know how much this will hurt the economy?

This is an isult to our intelligence.

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