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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

America is the least racist place on earth

A guy named Osama bin Laden is the leader of the world’s largest terror network Alkada. An evil dictator named Sadamn Hussien was the former leader of the country that now serves as the front in America’s war on terror.
Americans just elected a black man named Barack Hussein Obama. A man who spent his childhood in Kenya and willingly changed his name I might add.

It is safe to say without the slightest doubt or reservation that America is the least xenophobic, least bigoted, colorblind place this side of heaven. Everyone who has ever said otherwise for exploitation, manipulation or political gain should stand up and apologize. (Introduce the world’s liberal stage left.)

Obama’s election strips once and for all every excuse; every ISM the left has attempted to hide behind in the face of rational debate over cultural realities. When well intentioned men point out the fact that blacks still have a 70% illegitimacy rate while attempting to discover the source of inner-city poverty, simply calling them racists will no longer hold water. When good and decent women bring to light the fact that 50% of the prison population is black, calling her a racist will no longer suffice as debate. With Obama’s inauguration America will finally have the chance to shake free from the politically correct speech handcuffs with Houdini style.

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