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Thursday, March 26, 2009


I heard an interesting societal observation the other day. It involves two seemingly unrelated things that have become inverted in our contemporary psyche. Food and sex have traded places.

Two generations ago most Americans observed stern moral codes concerning sex but gladly ate frozen steaks and canned vegetables. Today, society encourages sexual freedom but condemns those who don’t eat locally grown organic vegetables and free-range livestock. We have become a people of mindful eating and mindless sex.

There is nothing at all wrong with eating more healthfully. However, we seem to have transferred the notion of taboos and rules from sex to food. we have traded our jeans for greens it appears. Our colons are collectively cleaner but we are now infected with sexually transmitted diseases and take pleasure in rain puddle shallow intimacy.

It seems abundantly clear to me that we have transferred all of our moral codes onto non moral issues. We once agreed that morality or God was above all. We currently say fitness or environmentalism is above all. In areas where we really could use standards like sex there are none, on the other hand, we are beginning to write laws dictating personal health decision and food consumption. We are legislating extra taxation on soda and McDonalds but not pornography and sexual recklessness.
This is one of many examples of how stupidity easily infects an increasingly secularized society lacking all common sense and wisdom. When people stop believing in God they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in anything!
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just thought you should know

Just thought you should know!

Roger Barnett is an Arizona farmer. Sixteen Mexican illegal aliens are presently seeking 32 million in damages from Barnett whose ranch was under siege from illegals who cut his fences, slaughtered his livestock, destroyed his water pumps, stole his cars and broke into his home. Barnett has turned 12,000 illegal border crossers to the authorities.
Why is Bennett being sued you might ask? One of the men he apprehended was a convicted drug smuggler, already once deported. This man says Barnett violated his civil rights and caused them distress. After the wet-nosed ACLU lawyer freshly hatched from his law school pod wins the case we’ll have an immigrant of plenty in a now penniless land.
Just thought you should know!


The central criticism of G. W. Bush was that he used a national crisis as an opportunity to purse partisan aims. Today theses very people seem to have no problem with the new administrations attempt to use the financial crisis to enact every liberal line on the leftist spending list. The difference is that Democrats had a great deal of input on the Patriot Act yet, it is a fact that between the introduction of the so-called stimulus bill and its passage tax payer money was being spent at a million dollars a second. All this with less than a weeks debate, most of which one sided.
The hypocrisy of the left is so daunting at times one wonders if they even care if we see it.
A simple reduction in the payroll tax would have given you the consumer more spending power, encouraged job creation and all without any of the bureaucratic liberal leeching.
Oh… and we wouldn’t have spent a trillion dollars buying future liberal votes.

The Golden fold’n State

California should hang a big going out of business notice next to every state welcome sign. The most liberal state in the union is bankrupt and the federal government apparently can’t wait to chase a fiscally foolish tale down the same rabbit hole. California is so broke it can’t even send out Tax refund checks to its residents. California’s financial state of affairs should be all the proof needed to convince us that liberal polices are a mirage that will dissolve from a shimmering oasis to a bottomless swamp.
These policies are not wrong simply because government can’t afford them; they are unaffordable because they are not the proper role of government. How quickly we forget that we are a nation that has a government, not the other way around.

The OBAMA silver lining

Watching Obama “rescue us” from our evil 21st century prosperity and deliver us into his new 13th century model will certainly bring hard times. The silver lining comes with the fact that hardship concentrates the mind on important matters. Americans will focus on important matters like family and faith, two things the left hate. Soon we will be a nation that appreciates once again the benefit of meals around the table and the art of hunting which provided the meal.
Cheer up, for the worst is yet to come.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Leftists are like infants.

The only proper internal reaction when confronted with this awful Human defect is pity, compassion and empathy.

Think about it.

We are all born liberals. We need someone to feed us, cloth us, and sacrifice to provide our every practical and emotional need. When we are unhappy we cry and wail until someone of competence arrives to meet our fickle desires. When we crap our pants someone comes to un-soil the mess. When we vomit on ourselves someone comes to clean up the untidiness. As we grow older we throw temper tantrums if things are not fair or if another kid has something we want. We sit around and play all day while others do the work of providing and protecting. When we mature into adolescence we desire the benefits of independent thinking yet, resist the responsibility and work that comes as it’s price tag.

Eventually most of us grow into adulthood. We feel for ourselves the sting of practical provisions and look over our shoulder with a strong sense of gratitude towards those who have sheltered us for so many years.
Sadly, some of us never progress past youth and several more never mature past infancy. These people are called Liberals. And we are all forced to carry the many burdens of their logical lacking and emotionally stunted growth. The many symptoms of this infection manifest themselves in extreme granola eating, coke snorting, Prius-driving, bed-hopping, raw-foods-consuming, self-loathing and anti-Americanism.
Please know that the greatest minds among us are doing all that can be done to cure this burdensome disease that presently troubles so many. Please consider donating to the cure Liberalism fund. So many suffer from this dreadful sickness and the ripple affects are being felt on every level of society.
Thank you for your willingness to help us.

Liberalism is a Luxury

Liberalism is a Luxury. Only when hard working, God fearing conservatives provide for them a protected nation of plenty can leftist indulge their emotive insanity.
When liberals finally arrive at the mirage of their laissez-faire utopia the inevitable will occur. We will all become EQUALLY impoverished. However, what the leftist never considers is that an insolvent, primitive people have no use for ACLU lawyers, self obsessed Actors or community organizers. A penniless people seek out practicality such as hunters, inventors and strength not EPA administrators or associate professors of gender studies. In other words, when liberals finally get what they want they will have liberalized themselves obsolete.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Thomas Jefferson once said “One man with courage is a majority.”

There is a battle line forming in our society. Government is on one side and liberty on the other. We must recognize this battle line and choose to defend it. We need to redouble our efforts and we need intellectual reinforcements. MLK once shook America awake to the fierce urgency of Now. My dear friends cough up the tranquilizing drug of gradualism for it is men of action that are needed.
Perhaps it is not yet time to pledge your life, fortune and sacred honor, but every one of us must look for a way of contributing more to advancing the cause of liberty.
The distinguishing characteristic of the founding fathers was that they were willing to lose. Willing to lose everything, a band of brothers came together of their own free will to communicate big ideas to an audience of non-experts. These ideas would soon result in a ragtag revolution which whipped the most powerful military force in the world at that time. They codified this revolutionary thought in the founding documents. They were men of ideas! We need an injection of fresh ideas once again. We need a clear set of philosophical principles to guide our actions. Ideas matter in the political and policy world, a lesson we are learning hard as Obama reshapes our country with his ideological coup.
We need to communicate an appealing vision of a free society to our friends and fellow Americans and we need to show them the nuts and bolts of how to achieve it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The bloody hands of the secular “state”

Nietzsche said “Western civilization is based on Christianity. Remove Christianity and the ideas fall too.”

Nietzsche also warned that, with the decline of Christianity, new and opposing ideas would rise. The Radical redefinition of the family, the revival of eugenic theories and arguments for infanticide have all risen from their Nazi graves and now explode off the Lips of today’s Democrats. They promote a clear global extinction of the principles of human dignity.

Consider Human Equality? A world we hear a great deal off the twin tongues of the left.
Why do we hold to it? People are unequal in height, weight strength, intelligence, and in about every other human quality. Our Christian founders knew this just as you do. What they we asserting was that we are moral equals. Our Constitution and Bill of rights are based clearly on the fact that each of our lives has a moral worth no greater and no less than that of any other That God places infinite value on every human life is a biblically based Christian belief not a secularist one.

Darwinism led to Nazism, eugenics, the Holocaust, and many other heinous historical events. Atheism and Communism have all been attributed to evolution. Ethnic cleansing and genocide are the historical fruits the humanist tree has yielded and threatens to produce again.
The Nazis’ rise to power in the 1920s resulted after an economic crisis in that country. The exploitation of deeply rooted anti-Semitism came after Hitler’s Godless and deeply secular government gained power. Sound familiar?
Hitler loved Darwin and followed his ideas to their inevitable conclusion. He devised his heinous plan to exterminate the Jewish people. Darwin and evolutionary theory can clearly be traced backward to explain Hitler’s genocidal madness.
The Godless crimes of Communism over seventy years around the world have continuously yielded terror, torture, famine, mass deportations, and massacres.
From the killing fields to Castro’s Cuba we find death, and bloodshed in the name of the state!
Communist crimes against humanity are endless! Stalin's destroyed hundreds of churches in Moscow. Wide scale devastation was visited on Chinese culture by Mao's Red Guards.
The death toll mounts—as many as 25 million in the former Soviet Union, 65 million in China, 1.7 million in Cambodia.
Secularism and its use of “The State” have killed more people throughout history than every religion combined to the tenth power.

Christians on the contrary created the modern concept of personal freedom which is rooted in a respect for the individual. This is a doctrine that literally shares the rib of Christianity asserting that all human beings are moral agents, created in God’s image with the ability to be the architects of their own lives.

William Wilberforce spearheaded a campaign that began with almost no support driven by entirely Christian convictions in 1883 to outlaw slavery in Britain. Among the first to embrace abolitionism in America were the Quakers and other Christians.

Massive Christian revivals known as the first great awakening in the mid-eighteenth century, helped lay the moral foundation of the American Revolution.

The second great awakening lead again by Christians resulted in the temperance movement for women’s suffering.

We are great only because our Christian roots have mined the good and fertile soil of freedom. Christianity yields the great human experiment that is America. Secularism forges the rings of prosperity into the chains of state controlled tyranny.