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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Unfairness Doctrine

Democrats are calling for the so-called Fairness Doctrine which they mean to use to silence free-talk thought. A clear attempt to squelch dissent the word fairness is liberal synonym for censorship, much like the word “invest” has recently become code for generational larceny.
A successful passing of this UN-fairness doctrine, which is all but an inevitability at this point, will stifle the last remaining expression of all non-conforming opinion remaining in a once free and great country.
I would beg all the remaining rational among you to notice how the “fairness doctrine” is conveniently off limits to your average bitterly partisan undergraduate lecture. I would implore you to observe how mysteriously the New York Times, NPR, Hollywood and the television news are all opportunely exempt from this hasty need for federally legislated AM dial equilibrium.
You might be asking with the economy flat-lining and the liberal armies of tyranny flooding every level of government, the left would have more pressing concerns than to burn the first amendment to the ground.
The attempt to silence free opinion radio is shameful and therefore no surprise to find this unfairly balanced Congress associated with it.