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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


“The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.” -- G.K. Chesterton
Wars are not won my friends by being defensive. Yet conservatives are seldom anything but, because they’ve been trained to mistake defense for offense. We will continue losing precious ground unless we change our thinking radically.
When 13 states voted to ban artificial marriage in 2004, most of us hailed it a great triumph. However this is only a victory if victory is defined as maintenance of a liberal status quo, for it was a successful defensive action, not an offensive one. After all it was progressives that proposed the dreadful societal change to which the vote was a defensive response?
We are always on the defense. Instead of fighting to eliminate ridiculous hate-crime laws, we accept the premises by arguing whether something like “transgender” should be a protected category. Instead of replacing a useless Federal Department of Education we use it to enact (No Child Left Behind.) Instead of fighting the lies and misrepresentation surrounding what we know as the separation of church and state ruling, we back peddle and hope it can be applied in “conservative” ways.
When our idea of combating the tax-and-spend liberals is to not tax but then spending an unprecedented $3 trillion on liberal social programs we are on defense. When we protest against illegal immigration and then nominate a culture-rending amnesty candidate we are on defense. When we stand idly by as they strip our public square of historically present Christian symbols picking us dry like a Thanksgiving Day turkey we are on defense.
In contrast, the left is steadfastly offensive. If their schemes to legally redefine marriage fail today, they’ll try again tomorrow knowing we will buckle. If their Governmental medicine plan doesn’t pass this month, it will reappear a year later knowing that we will buckle. If a new tax fails to pass today they’ll wait for a more gluttonous congressional appetite. Or they’ll sneak a different tax into a badly needed war finance bill or accept a slight increase to an old tax. Such waves of governmental growth pound the shores of our society because “conservatives” always give up ground and they know it!
We might ask: With conservatives like today’s Republicans, who needs liberals?
The media’s portrayal of today’s crop of republicans as conservatives is strategic and harmful. The difference between image and reality is profound. Liberals know that the best way to ensure constant movement toward the left is to portray the status quo as dangerously far right. We continuously hear from the left wing A.K.A. our media that America is under the sway of rightist politics. They purposefully confuse Republican with conservative, party with principles, and electoral wars with cultural ones.
True conservatives must wake up and stop confusing this media constructed definition of conservative as correct.
When is the right not right, you ask? When it has been defined by the left!
A true conservative ideology is one of limited government – one remaining within the boundaries established by the Constitution – and low taxation. It favors nationalism over internationalism; prefer markets mostly unfettered by regulation; steers clear of false agenda filled claim of multiculturalism, feminism and radical environmentalism; and take pride in our history and traditions.
This brings us to another important point. We love to talk of compromise. But does compromising with those who always advance but never retreat constitute fairness? The problem is that since virtually all the changes suggested are liberal in nature, constant compromise guarantees constant movement toward the left. The proof of this is all around you. Previously secure cultural territory is now under attack. Meanwhile we revel in victory when we fend off a few of the enemy's charges. We are compromising our way to liberal tyranny.
It is time we woke up to the fact that this society has long been in the grip of dedicated liberal operatives in academia, the media and Hollywood, leftists who have been crafting their message, scheming, indoctrinating, and socially re-engineering the public for decades. With the political spectrum having shifted so far left, perhaps people such as Bush and McCain really are today’s conservatives.
I guess that makes me something else. I’m a revolutionary.
I don’t want to preserve the status quo, I want to overthrow it. I want to pull the liberal weeds up by the roots and burn them in freedom’s fire, just like our Founding Fathers did. Today’s Conservatives don’t start revolutions; they simply make sure their liberal shackles are made no heavier. Political victory rests on cultural victory, and changing the culture starts with changing our mentality. We have only two choices: We can be revolutionary or we can cease to exist.

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