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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Falling out of love with liberty

Falling out of love with liberty
By: Brock Lawley

I don’t trust government. I don’t understand people who do. Government creates nothing! Government produces nothing! Government is nothing except perhaps an officially permitted mafia with the power to commit lawful larceny on the first and fifteenth of every month. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an anarchist. I served in the military for six years and was proud and privileged to do so. I love my country. However, my country is not its government but its people coupled with a brilliant and divinely endowed concept of self governance.
These are a few things you need from government, just laws, borders, infrastructure, and a military. These are things most people can’t do for themselves. Everything else “government” claims to do is tyranny. What you need from government is liberty. LIBERTY is freedom, autonomy and self-determination. Liberty is absolutely everything.
Hundreds of years ago if an evil band of bandits wanted to sweep through your ancestor’s village raping and pillaging everything in sight, that is just what that evil band of bandits did. The liberty of those villagers was not high on their list of concerns. Through trial and error men figured out the hard way, that liberty, although divinely entitled isn’t so easy to come by. When the world is left to its evil impulse might always means right.
So jump ahead a few hundred years and this country finally figures it out. Government should give good people guns and tell them to kill bad people! Then government should get the hell of good people’s way. Great idea right? It was a great idea for around two hundred ridiculously prosperous years and then liberty started having to share the bed with a few other governmental bed buddies. Stuff like equality and social justice started nudging old lady liberty aside. It seems Americans are no longer in love with Liberty. Despite the fact that she has been tried, trustworthy and true, we are now tired of her old face. And like any scorned lover she has turned her back to us and is now walking away.
Let’s say you and your father want to build a shed in your backyard this Saturday. Do you need a local zoning board? Do you need to give them 200$ to step onto your property with a useless clipboard? NO! What you need is lumber and nails!
When you hear some hack on TV telling you how you can raise your children. Liberty is leaving. When you hear an empty suit demanding he wants to spend another 40 billion dollars educating your kids to better hate God, country and family. Liberty is gone. When you hear bridges are crumbling and roads are falling to ruin while legislators vote legislative wage increases liberty is dead!
Call me Paul Revere shouting from this computer horse of mine “The liberals are coming the liberals are coming!”

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