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Thursday, March 26, 2009


I heard an interesting societal observation the other day. It involves two seemingly unrelated things that have become inverted in our contemporary psyche. Food and sex have traded places.

Two generations ago most Americans observed stern moral codes concerning sex but gladly ate frozen steaks and canned vegetables. Today, society encourages sexual freedom but condemns those who don’t eat locally grown organic vegetables and free-range livestock. We have become a people of mindful eating and mindless sex.

There is nothing at all wrong with eating more healthfully. However, we seem to have transferred the notion of taboos and rules from sex to food. we have traded our jeans for greens it appears. Our colons are collectively cleaner but we are now infected with sexually transmitted diseases and take pleasure in rain puddle shallow intimacy.

It seems abundantly clear to me that we have transferred all of our moral codes onto non moral issues. We once agreed that morality or God was above all. We currently say fitness or environmentalism is above all. In areas where we really could use standards like sex there are none, on the other hand, we are beginning to write laws dictating personal health decision and food consumption. We are legislating extra taxation on soda and McDonalds but not pornography and sexual recklessness.
This is one of many examples of how stupidity easily infects an increasingly secularized society lacking all common sense and wisdom. When people stop believing in God they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in anything!

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precenphix said...

So don't look at pornography if you're not a fan, watch your own diet, keep it in your pants if you want to stay clean and vote one side of the ticket if you'd like. Just don't presume to tell me or another person what I can or cannot do based on your religious beliefs.

You're never going to convince me that the belief in God is going to make the world a better place. People, of their own free will, choose to make the world a better place...or worse, as it seems in many cases.

I just can't understand you, Brock. I've been following your YouTube account for a while now and it just baffles me that you're with these things (religion, politics).

I'll look at things from both perspectives in any situation and make a rational decision from there, whereas you are doing exactly what many atheists, against whom you rally so hard, are doing -- taking a one-sided, one-dimensional view of things.

For someone who enjoys touting himself as being enlightened by god, it appears to me that you're missing out on the bigger picture by not looking at how you're presenting these arguments. I don't see a faithful, confident man; I see a well-read, talented, educated individual throwing everything under the bus that would even dare to question his construct of the world and reality at large.

Remind you of anyone?

Take it to the bank or charge it, but for those of us who can open their heads to both perspectives, your line of credit is about to run out...