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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just thought you should know

Just thought you should know!

Roger Barnett is an Arizona farmer. Sixteen Mexican illegal aliens are presently seeking 32 million in damages from Barnett whose ranch was under siege from illegals who cut his fences, slaughtered his livestock, destroyed his water pumps, stole his cars and broke into his home. Barnett has turned 12,000 illegal border crossers to the authorities.
Why is Bennett being sued you might ask? One of the men he apprehended was a convicted drug smuggler, already once deported. This man says Barnett violated his civil rights and caused them distress. After the wet-nosed ACLU lawyer freshly hatched from his law school pod wins the case we’ll have an immigrant of plenty in a now penniless land.
Just thought you should know!


The central criticism of G. W. Bush was that he used a national crisis as an opportunity to purse partisan aims. Today theses very people seem to have no problem with the new administrations attempt to use the financial crisis to enact every liberal line on the leftist spending list. The difference is that Democrats had a great deal of input on the Patriot Act yet, it is a fact that between the introduction of the so-called stimulus bill and its passage tax payer money was being spent at a million dollars a second. All this with less than a weeks debate, most of which one sided.
The hypocrisy of the left is so daunting at times one wonders if they even care if we see it.
A simple reduction in the payroll tax would have given you the consumer more spending power, encouraged job creation and all without any of the bureaucratic liberal leeching.
Oh… and we wouldn’t have spent a trillion dollars buying future liberal votes.

The Golden fold’n State

California should hang a big going out of business notice next to every state welcome sign. The most liberal state in the union is bankrupt and the federal government apparently can’t wait to chase a fiscally foolish tale down the same rabbit hole. California is so broke it can’t even send out Tax refund checks to its residents. California’s financial state of affairs should be all the proof needed to convince us that liberal polices are a mirage that will dissolve from a shimmering oasis to a bottomless swamp.
These policies are not wrong simply because government can’t afford them; they are unaffordable because they are not the proper role of government. How quickly we forget that we are a nation that has a government, not the other way around.

The OBAMA silver lining

Watching Obama “rescue us” from our evil 21st century prosperity and deliver us into his new 13th century model will certainly bring hard times. The silver lining comes with the fact that hardship concentrates the mind on important matters. Americans will focus on important matters like family and faith, two things the left hate. Soon we will be a nation that appreciates once again the benefit of meals around the table and the art of hunting which provided the meal.
Cheer up, for the worst is yet to come.

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