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Monday, March 9, 2009


Leftists are like infants.

The only proper internal reaction when confronted with this awful Human defect is pity, compassion and empathy.

Think about it.

We are all born liberals. We need someone to feed us, cloth us, and sacrifice to provide our every practical and emotional need. When we are unhappy we cry and wail until someone of competence arrives to meet our fickle desires. When we crap our pants someone comes to un-soil the mess. When we vomit on ourselves someone comes to clean up the untidiness. As we grow older we throw temper tantrums if things are not fair or if another kid has something we want. We sit around and play all day while others do the work of providing and protecting. When we mature into adolescence we desire the benefits of independent thinking yet, resist the responsibility and work that comes as it’s price tag.

Eventually most of us grow into adulthood. We feel for ourselves the sting of practical provisions and look over our shoulder with a strong sense of gratitude towards those who have sheltered us for so many years.
Sadly, some of us never progress past youth and several more never mature past infancy. These people are called Liberals. And we are all forced to carry the many burdens of their logical lacking and emotionally stunted growth. The many symptoms of this infection manifest themselves in extreme granola eating, coke snorting, Prius-driving, bed-hopping, raw-foods-consuming, self-loathing and anti-Americanism.
Please know that the greatest minds among us are doing all that can be done to cure this burdensome disease that presently troubles so many. Please consider donating to the cure Liberalism fund. So many suffer from this dreadful sickness and the ripple affects are being felt on every level of society.
Thank you for your willingness to help us.

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