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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Regressive "Progressives"

I am always amazed by the left’s ability to control language. They dirty a word and then move on. Yesterday’s Liberals are today’s “Progressives.”
What a truly deceptive description for a leftist worldview.
Progress means that we are always changing the world to suit a previously stated vision. What it means on the tongue of today’s leftist is that we are forever changing the vision when we fall short.

Progress once meant a slow but sure bringing about of justice and mercy. Today’s “progressives” doubt the very need for justice and mercy. Progress once meant that we were always marching towards righteousness, integrity and the moral law. Today all three are walking away from us.

Instead of altering ourselves to fit the ideal, we just alter the ideal because it’s easier. Today’s progressives are a collection of minds unhinged.
They call it progressive today, yesterday it was collectivism, Marxism, neo-feudalism, socialism, communism, tomorrow it will be another linguistic twisting. That is if their “progressive” backwardness affords us a tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

"Language: A Key Mechanism of Control"

by Newt Gingrich, 1996 GOPAC Memo

Anonymous said...

It is too bad that conservatives are idiotic to use language to their advantage, let alone come up with something different to excite the populace. The only things that draw people to conservatives is either ignorance or fear. Leftist actually try to change things instead of naively believing everything will work out on its own.